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Although the indigenous uprising following American victory in the Philippine Islands (conducted by our former allies in the fight against the Spanish) ended formally in July 1902, various insurgent groups were determined to fight on.

Джон Першинг родился на ферме в штате Миссури недалеко от города Леклейд (англ. Laclede), в который переехал в 1861, после того, как его отец купил там склад. Окончил школу в 1878, в 1880—1882 учился в Первой миссурийской нормальной школе (впоследствии Государственный... Першинг Джон Джозеф. 100 великих полководцев Второй… Джон Першинг родился 13 сентября 1860 года в Лин Каунти (Миссури) в семье торговца. Семья Першинга была очень бедной, поэтому, окончив высшую школу, он работал помощником учителя, чтобы собрать деньги на продолжение образования. Затем Першинг поступил в... First World - Who's Who - John Pershing John Joseph Pershing (1860-1948) was born on 13 September 1860 in Laclede, Missouri.After a period spent as a schoolteacher at Prairie Mound, nine miles from Laclede, Pershing (known as 'Black Jack Pershing') entered a competitive examination for an appointment to West Point in spring 1882... Джон Джозеф Першинг - История Северной Америки -…

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John J. (Black Jack) Pershing | Biography, Facts ... John J. Pershing, in full John Joseph Pershing, byname Black Jack, (born September 13, 1860, Laclede, Missouri, U.S.—died July 15, 1948, Washington, D.C.), U.S. Army general who commanded the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) in Europe during World War I.. Pershing graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, in 1886.He was commissioned a second lieutenant and ... Pershing - definition of Pershing by The Free Dictionary

British Dictionary definitions for john j pershing. ... John Joseph, nickname Black Jack. 1860–1948, US general. He was commander in chief of the American Expeditionary Force in Europe (1917–19) Pershing 2. noun. a US ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear or conventional warhead.

General of the Armies John J. Pershing, Commander of the American Expeditionary Forces of World War I dies in the early morning hours. He is buried at Arlington with his men beneath a standard gravestone. General Pershing's Nebraska Connection | Pershing wasn't simply a general. He was the only living six-star general in American history. (Photo courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration) Today, Pershing’s name is recognized by few Americans, even in Nebraska where an important part of Pershing’s life unfolded. John J. Pershing - Wikipedia

The Pancho Villa Expedition—now known officially in the United States as the Mexican Expedition, but originally referred to as the "Punitive Expedition, U.S. Army" —was a military operation conducted by the United States Army against the paramilitary forces of Mexican revolutionary Francisco "Pancho" Villa from March 14, 1916, to February 7, 1917, during the Mexican Revolution of 1910–1920.

AUSA is a non-profit educational organization that supports America's Army – Active, Guard, and Reserve, and Army Civilians, Retirees, and Families. John J. Pershing - Historic Missourians - The State Historical… John J. Pershing was one of America’s most accomplished generals. He is most famous for serving as commander of the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I. Also known as the First World War, World War I was a global war that was centered in Europe. John J Pershing: World War 1's "Black Jack" - History John J Pershing was the commander of the American Expeditionary Force on the Western Front in World War 1. He was the first " General of the Armies".The following article on John J Pershing is an excerpt from H.W Crocker III’s The Yanks Are Coming! Laclede, MO - General "Blackjack" Pershing Statue and…